Website solutions

Here are some sites that I have worked with for years and some of the solutions we have worked out together.

ASGPP is a professional organization that needed to bring together members from all across the country. We provided a Member Forum with ASP (a server side program) that allows members to discuss subjects of interest in the privacy of their own group. Other features created were a Library to store articles of interest, Event Listing Database where members can alert people to various training and seminars they are presenting, a password protected Membership Directory where members can look up colleagues and contact them.

Lifestage is a mental health clinic that needed to show what services they offer online and allow people to Register for their services and Pay by credit card. Together we built a site that has the professional look they want and allows them to Provide articles, books, newsletters to clients and Training to colleagues. Because of the nature of their services the site needs frequent updates so they have a format that allows them to do that.

ChacHalAl is a resort community on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. They wanted a site for visitors and an inner site for owners to store all their statements, meeting minutes, policy, current projects with images and more. program we provided a custom password protection system for owners to allow them to easily access the information. The site is completely bi-lingual in Spanish and English for the convenience of the owners

Over the years I have done sites for, Cruise agents, a Cable infrastructure provider, a Gourmet seafood provider, a Game and kite store, an Auto accessory store,a new concept Cooking School, a Government agency, a Roofer and just about every other kind of business and organization. I have provided almost every feature that can be provided online so if you need help with your Website or need to produce one from scratch I can work with you to get it done.

See selected Client Websites with images

More client sites (partial list of sites 1997-2011): ASGPP, aptC, aptEC, aptB, Askprm, AutoA, Allstar, CaribR, CGlass, ChinaM, Chac, ChacAC, ChocheSport, Cruise-USA, Cruise2Enjoy, DGenius, DHS, Dorasci, EBA, ECG, Folkloric, FernMgmt, FlytOfFncy, lGordon, GCC, GoForth, HaitiM, HoCoCancer, HWaccess, IWSCI, JimKib, JTW, KeenanGrp, Lifestage, LightenUp, MayInBahamas, MDappraiser, Micdan, NOpostK, NFLgame, NutraK, Playback, PractProm, ProPlanners, Rbuy, RadFlix, Resources, RFP, cRivieraM, RSD, RecipeC, Rinsight, ScotWild, SGA, SMC, SVR, Time4Teens, TopItOff, Towncreek, TSoL, TyB, WorkA, Wakeda, WIG, YCP