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Webmaster Services

Just like your house, your car or for that matter your body, your Website needs maintenance. Whether it is adding new material or adding new features you need to keep your Website up and keep it fresh for your visitors. I can offer you a contract to do that for little money but lots of peace of mind.

I will backup your files in a separate location from your Internet server. I will maintain an FTP setup to move files to the server, so when you need a change done quickly, all you have to do is send me a message. Of course, large changes would be subject to our standard design fees, but small changes are included Free!

To perform some services like search engine optimization and database management we would have to have FTP access to your site, but we can also help you make changes with HTML, Flash/Shock-wave, JavaScript, ASP, and graphics via e-mail.

Do not take chances with the maintenance of your Web site. An inexperienced person with access to your site can wipe it out in a minute and all the time and money you spent designing it could be wasted. Leave the maintenance to professionals who will give you good service and protect your investment.