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ones together"

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Top priority


When you deal with Peter A Moulton & Co. you deal with me. It is my name and my business and I take customer service very seriously.

I know that when you want a Website produced or changes made or there is a problem of some kind that it reflects on YOUR business and that is why I handle each request urgently.

Also dealing with clients personally I get to know what they like and how they work and that is something you can't get from a phone center.

I work six days a week and monitor email 7 days a week. When I get a message from a client I usually respond within hours if not minutes. If a problem exists (like the site or email not coming up) I work on it immediately to get it up and running again which usually happens inside of an hour. There are a lot of potential problem areas on a network as large as the Internet, but knowing how to narrow the problem to get the site restored quickly is something that comes only with experience and treating my client's problems as my own.

When you are my client, I know you and you know me ...personally.